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We know the business

In a wide range of international projects our experienced approach have created successful solutions to address the immediate challenges and long term aspirations of airlines around the world. 


Achieve durable success

Our expertise understands the aviation business from both an airline and airport perspective. Our experienced professional outlook helps towards forecast and to plan the necessary airport infrastructure and security measures to meet increasing capacity demands so that your airport benefits from new revenue enhancements.


Operational excellence through customized support

through customized support

Operations is the platform where strategies go live, costs are produced and revenues are earned. This is where management decisions are tested and where companies make it or fail. Our Operations experience provided quick results and added value. They are tailored to the needs of your airline, airport, aviation regulatory body or MRO provider business.

Network and Fleet Planning 

Our airline network planning expertise assisted in developing network and fleet strategies for both passenger and cargo airlines. With airline network planning we managed to improve overall network, identify the ideal schedule scenario or define long-term fleet development for our joint venture partners. In turn airlines operating with optimized capacity and aircraft utilization due to our airline scheduling experience, tools and databases.

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